Jun 4, 2008

New Swan Lake Album In The Works

These men are unfairly talented. Supremely talented. They are Dan Bejar, Carey Mercer and Spencer Krug. Individually, they are many things. Together they are Swan Lake. In 2006 they released a quixotic album named "Beast Moans". It was a strange and beautiful beast. Sometimes inaccessible, more often a thing of wonderment. These men are also the hardest working men in music. Dan Bejar is already involved in Destroyer and Hello, Blue Roses. Carey Mercer is Frog Eyes and Spencer Krug is, well very busy. He is, of course a key member of Wolf Parade, whose new album drops in two weeks. He is the leader of Sunset Rubdown, currently touring Europe. In fact I would expect a new album from them within the next year. Current indications are that they will get back into the recording studio later this year. Now, in between all that the three men joined forces earlier this year to record Swan Lake LP2.

Spencer was recently interviewed on Bristol University Radio Station Burst. To quote the man, "Swan Lake made another record. When it comes out, I don't know. It hasn't been mixed yet, we just finished the recording." He continues, "Recording is very deliberately, very outwardly 'Everyone bring X amount of songs' and I'll bring a whole song to the project and be like 'This is what I would like you guys to do on this', but their styles still get infused into the end result. That's the idea." I will keep you posted.


  • At June 07, 2008 , Anonymous Bill said...

    I was so excited to read that. I can't believe how prolific those guys are. It makes me so happy to have yet another great piece of music from Spencer and co. to look forward to.

  • At June 09, 2008 , Blogger Kelly said...

    Thanks for the updates Wayne. Looks like exciting music coming our way!


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