May 28, 2008

Spencer Krug In A Cab; Life Is Sweet

The Black Cab Sessions are a truly wonderful idea. Get a highly talented musician and place him or her in the back of a Black London Cab and you will get gorgeous results. Well, is there any more talented musician then Sunset Rubdown's Spencer Krug? Not likely. Just recently Spencer, Camilla and Jordan jumped in the back of a cab and recorded a song. But not just any song, but a new one that the band have been road testing on their European tour. Tentatively it is called "You Go On Ahead" (although I am sure this will change). It is kinda a sequel to Random Spirit Lover's "Trumpet, Trumpet, Toot! Toot!" and it is truly a heartbreaking, breathtaking song. Just Spencer on acoustic, with some keyboards and rustic drumming as backing. This song is a direct and passionate emotional statement and further proof that Spencer Krug is one of a kind. A supreme songwriter.

Sunset Rubdown/Black Cab Sessions.


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