May 13, 2008

Okkervil River Live On WOXY

A little while ago Okkervil River (insert gaudy superlatives here) appeared on WOXY. They played 4 songs including a new one, "Lost Coastlines". It is truly excellent as you would expect with this band. Apparently this song will appear on an appendix to "The Stage Names" that should be out before the year is over. Happy days. New Okkervil River.

Okkervil River live on WOXY (including new song!)

Some "Lost Coastlines" lyrics to marvel at. Oh, Will Sheff.

We sing "is that marionette real enough yet

to step off of that set and decide what a dance might be to it?"
Ruining the play too and in the ensuing melee escape
We packed up all of our bags
And the ship's deck now sags
From the weight of our tracks
As we pace beneath flags
Black and battered
Rattling our swords
In service of some faded foreign lord

Here is a very early performance of the song from the band in Chicago in 2006. With Jonathan Meiburg performing alongside Will Sheff.


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