May 2, 2008

Kaki King @ Oxford Art Factory

This will be the shortest concert review I have ever written. For some, that might be a good thing. Last night at the Oxford Art Factory saw Kaki King bring her unique guitar stylings back to Sydney. This performer is one who I have heard about for quite a while, but I have never dived fully into her music. I recently bought her latest album, but I haven't had much of a chance to give it a full listen. So last night's show was one I ventured to with open ears and an open mind. Her first song was a short instrumental, played on an acoustic. Her unique style was evident straight away as Kaki doesn't strum the guitar, but pick and bang at the strings in a totally one-off way. Her second tune was vocally led, in a sort of bluesy way. She alternated between her acoustic and electric for each song. I was totally impressed with her skill as a guitarist, but somehow the songs were not connecting with me totally. Apart from a stunning long instrumental, the songs didn't seem to have any special qualities. I think the heavy guitar rhythms are probably not my total cup of tea.

However, I only stayed for half the show, so you can perhaps take my review pretty lightly. You see, the love of my life, who is my constant partner at all these music experiences, was feeling very unwell. Despite her wishing to stay and somehow take in the show, it was a real struggle for her to stay and enjoy the show in anyway. One thing I know, her health and wellbeing is more important then anything else in my life. Well, maybe a Wolf Parade show, that WOULD be a hard call. Just kidding. We left halfway, knowing this was the right thing to do. So, Kaki King will have to wait until her next visit to Australia. I look forward to a better experience next time.


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