May 8, 2008

(The) Britt Daniel Covers Wolf Parade

Things in this world that could make me happy. Very happy.
The Boston Celtics winning the NBA Championship.
Owning a terrace house in Newtown.
Owning an original Chagall.
Wolf Parade touring Australia.
Britt Daniel covering Wolf Parade. What, it happened!

Yes, last Saturday night at the Belly Up Tavern in San Diego. An acoustic set by the one and only Mr Daniel saw him cover "Modern World" by the one and only Wolf Parade. Great choice, I do believe. And I can hear the vocal similarities between Daniel and Boeckner too.

Here is the original video for "Modern World".
God, I love Wolf Parade.


  • At May 14, 2008 , Anonymous geoff said...

    that was great!
    but you and i both know that the pistons will win the east this year. :P


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