May 21, 2008

Australian Supergroups?, Well, Why not...

The Curse of Company are not a supergroup, but they are doing a fine job of impersonating one. The Curse of Company are a very talented group, that is for sure. Comprising Dave Rennick (Dappled Cities Fly), Sarah Kelly (the redsunband), Tim Rogers (Jack Ladder), Danny Heifetz (Mr Bungle) and Burke Reid (Gerling), they have a debut album in the works. "Leo Magnets Joins A Gang" is due for release later this year here and in the USA (Dangerbird).

If you go to The Curse of Company website right now, you can download the new single "All The Mines" for free for the next month. A clue, to find it, just click and drag for a while.

As an added bonus the band are playing a show next Tuesday night at the Hopetoun Hotel. That's the 27th May, for $8. Bargain, I would say.
Their Myspace also has a couple of more songs to listen to.

Now, here is a group comprising a fair amount of talent. Wellyn. They hail from Melbourne and have been around the scene for a while now, with different lineups. At the moment they comprise Dan Kelly, Ollie Brown (Art of Fighting), Andrew Coates (Black Cab), Danny Griffith (SubAudible Hum), Ned Collette and Chris Altmann (The Vandas). This lineup certainly shines through on the single "The White House". It is quite an aural, orgasmic extravaganza. Vocals are front and centre and really combine well, with a slowly building backdrop. Very impressive. Wellyn are set to release their debut album "An Intimate Universe" in early June and are playing two shows in Melbourne, before coming to Sydney. They are playing at Filth @ The Supper Club on June 12. One to mark in the diary, I would say.

MP3: The White House-Wellyn


  • At May 22, 2008 , Anonymous Dave said...

    That sounds like an unbelievable lineup for Wellyn! Of course, their myspace page says:

    nedd jones (GUITAR / VOX)
    justin rudge (BASS / VOX)
    peter spark (DRUMS / VOX)
    matty quinn(KEYS / VOX)
    peter uhlenbruch (GUITAR / VOX)

    This sounds a bit more likely, to me - given that Wellyn are Nedd's band. The luminaries you mentioned aren't permanent members, but were part of the mass chorus on "The White House".

  • At May 22, 2008 , Blogger Wayne said...

    Hey Dave,

    Thanks for pointing that out. I think I got a bit carried away, not realising they were contributors, not regular members. Still, am looking forward to the album!


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