Apr 29, 2008

A Tale of Genius; In Three Easy Parts

Animal Collective played Coachella last weekend. Here is "Bearhug", a new unrecorded song. I will never tire of the harmonies created by Avey and Panda. You might also note the absence of Deakin, who is on hiatus from the band. Hopefully he will rejoin them in the future. Don't forgot, AC release a four song EP "Water Curses" in early May on Domino Records.

MP3: Water Curses-Animal Collective

Wolf Parade have made it official. The new album is to be called "At Mount Zoomer". After many false starts and fake information the new album (2008's best btw, just you wait and see) is named after the Montreal studio run by Arlen Thompson, who recorded and engineered the album due out on Sub Pop on June 17. In this day and age of 'leaks', this album has yet to surface on the inter webs. It can't be far way, the suspense is killing me.

MP3: Call It A Ritual-Wolf Parade

To complete the troika of artistic genius, I was absolutely delighted to learn that Bonnie Prince Billy will have a new album out on May 19 on Domino Records. This man is music from another world. He really can do no wrong, so I am very excited. The album will be called "Lie Down in the Light" and contains twelve tracks.

Track Listing
1 Easy Does It
2 You Remind Me of Something (The Glory Goes)
3 So Everyone
4 For Every Field There's a Mole
5 (Keep Eye On) Other's Gain
6 You Want That Picture
7 Missing One
8 What's Missing Is
9 Where's the Puzzle?
10 Lie Down in the Light
11 Willow Trees Bend
12 I'll Be Glad

MP3: So Everyone (demo)


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