Apr 20, 2008

Evil Urges-My Morning Jacket

My Morning Jacket release their new album "Evil Urges" on June 10. I am an unabashed admirer of this wonderful band. Jim James is the perfect voice and their songs are full of heart and passion. The band has just made available (for a short time), the title track off the new album. I have to say however, after initial listenings, I am not digging this song. Jim James is singing in a very high falsetto and although he hits all the notes perfectly, I just am not feeling it. His voice is so pure, I just need and want him to sing through the song. With all his might. The music is great. The guitars chime in nicely, but the vocals are not doing it for me. I might grow to like it. I hope I do. I am sure I will love the new album. I really want to. I just hope he has decided to not sing every song like this.

You can download the song here.

Speaking of new albums, I have absolutely no doubt the new Wolf Parade will OWN 2008. Having heard the eerily brilliant "Call It A Ritual", and I loved it, I have now heard "California Dreamer" from the yet to be titled album. Although it wasn't a high quality, high definition copy, the song is amazing. Five minutes of pure bliss. Wolf Parade are back. To rule the world.


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