Apr 13, 2008

California Dreamer-Wolf Parade

And then it happened. At an important time in our musical history. A band from Montreal came to show us the way. Out of the woods, through the streets, eating chocolate and sipping whiskey. Stumbling through cathedrals and lurking in alleyways, they progressed to caverns of decadence. Reflecting our humanity, piercing our hearts, tending to our souls. Welding hot emotion with soaring sounds, they guided us into the land of wonderment and mystery. Forever with a smile on our face and an uncontrollable kick in our leg. Arlen delivered the beat, Hadji brought the groove, Dante was Dante and Dan shook with the force of thunderstorms. And well, well, Spencer was the life force. Enabling us to cry and laugh at the same time, till we wondered how it could POSSIBLY GET ANY BETTER.

Sorry to ramble. But tonight I have been listening, for the umpteenth time, to recordings of a show Wolf Parade performed in Montreal last August. In said show, they performed 7 songs that are going to appear on the new album due in June. The song formerly known as "Stevie" is now to be called "California Dreamer". Please watch this video and I assure you, you will be shouting this chorus until your lungs explode. Life, itself.

California dreamer
Tell me where did you go
I carve your ever dying figure a hundred times
Into the ever dying snow


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