Apr 7, 2008

Bon Iver-Live In San Francisco

From the always wonderful La Blogotheque Series, here is Bon Iver performing "Skinny Love" live in San Francisco. This song is just pure greatness and right here you can feel the emotion seeping out of the camera. Truly glorious.

If you didn't make "For Emma, Forever Ago" one of your albums of 2007, then you can make it one of your albums of 2008. Thanks to Jagjaguwar, Bon Iver's debut album has received a re release and hopefully a much wider audience. The praise heaped on this piece of music is well deserved. It crackles with warmth and tenderness. It overflows with spirit and emotion. Basically the work of one man, Justin Vernon, you will find this album both endearing and essential. Stand out tracks include the remorseful "For Emma" which features some glorious horns, the trembling "Flume" and the quietly serene "The Wolves". A unique and original artist to be reckoned with.

MP3: Skinny Love-Bon Iver


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