Mar 23, 2008

New Buffalo @ Factory Theatre

Not every musical experience is going to change your life. Bury your heart and explode your mind. Sometimes a night out can just be pleasant and enjoyable. Satisfying, if not totally memorable. Such was Saturday night at Enmore's Factory Theatre. New Buffalo was the act and it was an enjoyable and easy way to spend a night. Sally Seltmann has received quite a bit of exposure since the release of her latest album "Somewhere, Anywhere". Its delectable pop melodies delighting a number of people, including me, so I was quite looking forward to seeing New Buffalo live for the first time.

Sally Seltmann started the night on piano, where she stayed for most of the night. The melodies she played on the piano were quite delightful. Playing mainly from her latest album, I particularly enjoyed "Misery and Mountains, Arrows and Bows", "Emotional Champ" and "It's True". I found the melodies lilting and infectious, even though lyrically they don't always make a strong mark. I also quite enjoyed her voice, it reaches quite a high level, staying there and not wavering too often. Occasionally she would step out from the piano and play a little electric guitar. I think I enjoyed these songs even more, the guitar proving quite striking. Her band was more then competent too. One girl playing drums and another, Jessica, playing a multitude of instruments including a stirring cello. After about an hour set, the band left the stage and then returned for a brief encore, which included the lovely "Cheer Me Up Thank You". A good way to end the night. A night of pleasant and enjoyable music. And sometimes that is more then enough.


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