Mar 17, 2008

Islands Live At SXSW

File this post under "What was I Thinking?" I meant yesterday to include some coverage of Islands playing at SXSW. Above is "The Arm", from the forthcoming album "Arm's Way", due out in May. Below is "Red Football", originally done by Sinead O'Connor.

Speaking of new albums. I can reveal this. The new Wolf Parade is definitely coming out in June. It will contain nine songs. Title and track listing are not too far away. Start salivating ladies and gentlemen. The greatest band in the world is set to take over 2008. Not that I am putting any pressure on them, but how great is this album going to be? Hey let's start guessing real song titles now. This is "Crazy Horse??" recorded in Montreal last year. See the greatness, hear the greatness. It doesn't get any better then this.


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