Mar 15, 2008

Images And Memories Of The Live Music Year; So Far, So Good

Slowly, I catch my breath. A year full of vivid and wonderful memories. Memories to last for an eternity. I have Wilco and The Mountain Goats to come and I just know that those two shows will be extra special, with their own special memories. But, but...I thought I would throw up my favourite images from my favourite shows this year. This special, special, year. And, because I just love lists I have made a list of of my favourite songs from the shows that I have attended this year. Now it also turns out that in most cases these aren't my favourite songs by these artists, but in a delightful twist these songs just struck a chord with me live. Also I have restricted each artist to one song. Otherwise there would be eight Explosions In The Sky songs on this list.

Top Ten Live Songs Heard This Year (In No Particular Order)

Memorial-Explosions In The Sky
I will never, ever forget this show. And this song, holy cow. My mind melted and my heart exploded, I cried with unbridled joy. To see Munaf, Michael and Mark attack their guitars at the climax... Well, let's just say I have never seen guitars played like this before, ever.

A Stone-Okkervil River
Quite simply. Stopped my heart. Will Sheff is just a purely great performer and songwriter. This song was totally stripped back, laid out for its emotional bones to be devoured. Fan for life.

About Today-The National
Stunning would be a massive understatement. The emotional impact of this song is nearly unbeatable. It started slowly before developing into an orgasmic fury of sound. Oh yeah, Matt Berninger can sing.

Tunnels-Arcade Fire
The floor shook. Our hearts jumped out of our throats. Our faces cracked from smiling so hard. My legs moved without my asking. Love was in the air.

John Wayne Gacy, Jr.-Sufjan Stevens
Swimming in a sea of serenity, this song floated above all. To call this song moving would be massively understating the case. Tears flowed this night.

Ibi Dreams of Pavement-Broken Social Scene
Those horns, all those people. Those damn pesky Canadians. First they steal our hearts, then they make us punch fists in the air. Oh yeah, fists were pumping, damn straight.

Jonathon Fisk-Spoon
"Atom bombs and blunt razors. Jonathan Fisk says it's a sin but he don't think twice cause to him religion don't mean a thing, oooh just another way to be right wing". Damn. Britt.

Fucked Up Kid-Feist
The wonderful Feist covering Broken Social Scene. Sweet. Delectable. Insane.

Amy and Torquil created magic this night. This song just encapsulated that very magic. A night for dreamers and lovers. Oh, tender was the night.

You Were Right-Built To Spill


  • At March 15, 2008 , Blogger Nik said...

    Great pix and reviews! It's quite funny that you're in Sydney and seeing almost the exact same lineup of shows that I have in Auckland (well, not funny, I guess, we're all on the circuit). Quite enjoyed your Cat Power and Iron & Wine pieces and agreed with a lot of them, and can't wait to check out Mountain Goats and Wilco over here!


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