Mar 1, 2008

Feist @ Metro Theatre

Feist, you are adorable. Bewitching, special and dazzling. I never realised you were this good. So full of the spirit of life, so full of enchantment and beauty. Friday night at the Metro you captured the beauty in life, put it in your palm, then gently blew it into our faces. A performance not only of immense charm and warmth, but full of insight and depth. Intuitive and intriguing. If all performances were this appealing and beguiling my face would ache from smiling at every show I go. Unfortunately not every night is as special as this. But not every performer is as talented as Feist.

Firstly I would admit that "The Reminder" made me a Feist convert. I mean I owned "Let It Die" and I loved "Mushaboom" (who doesn't) and the title track, but mostly that album was a little light for me. But her latest effort, the one that pushed her into the limelight, was a huge leap forward. Better songs with more depth and feeling meant that Feist was a major talent to be reckoned with. It also meant that she could sell out the Metro, easily. This had me worried as I thought maybe the crowd would be chatty and rude, just waiting to hear "1 2 3 4". Thankfully the crowd was very attentive and respectful, totally investing themselves in this total night of charm. Right from the start the night was ravishing and intriguing. A screen was placed at the front of the stage. A larger screen at the back was showing images being projected from off stage. A small lantern slowly opened on the large screen, as Feist came on stage swinging an illuminated lantern. She proceeded to go behind the small screen and sang a short number. Her silhouette reflected, absolutely gorgeous. Stunning. She then opened with the bluesy, vibrant "When I Was A Young Girl". I thought this was bold way to start. She could have easily began with a "Reminder" number to please the adoring crowd. But I think she wanted to see if the audience was ready to go with her all the way. There were no worries there. We bought a ticket and had a journey to remember.

Soon the "Reminder" numbers flowed. "My Moon My Man" was its bouncy, effervescent itself, "The Park" was a true heart breaker with captivating projections to compliment. Whilst "I Feel It All" was a perfect song to sing along to. When she asked who was at the Broken Social Scene show the night before, my inner child was released. I could feel a cover coming on and with unbridled zeal I cheered when it was "Fucked Up Kid". This was the apex of the night. Just Feist on guitar playing the gorgeous chords of this Kevin Drew number. Bliss, indeed. Speaking of covers, she does have a fair few in her repertoire. One she played I loved. "Open Window", a Sarah Harmer number. One for all the Canadians in the audience. The other one was "Inside And Out", originally done by The Bee Gees, and described as her 80's power ballad. Although it had quite a few singing, the cheesiness was a bit much for me. Feist then showed more of her prowess, stepping over to the piano to play "The Water", before launching into "1 2 3 4", where she hand managed the audience into a mass sing along. Although I don't think we needed much encouragement to get into this infectious tune. Then "Mushaboom" was to become the icing on the cake. A welcome encore was just as perfect. "Intuition" (solo) was almost ethereal, then "Sea Lion Woman" had everyone in a state of ecstasy. Hand clapping ensued. To end with "Let It Die" was just euphoric, its resonant tone hitting all the right notes. Another great aspect of the night was the wonderful band she had on stage. They were instinctive and astute, providing deft and memorable touches through out the night. And the overhead projections only added a touch of magnetism, so many glorious images matched the artistry of Feist herself. And she is not only a talented performer, but a warm and delightful one. She builds a great rapport with the audience, not only enabling them to feel part of the songs, but telling delightful stories and imparting subtle observations. Her thoughts on the Australian accent were downright funny and her aside about Jim Henson's funeral just moving and eloquent. In a year of many, many glorious nights of wonder, this night can easily take its place with them. Without doubt.

Set List
Safe And Secure
When I Was A Young Girl
So Sorry
My Moon My Man
The Park
Limit To Your Love
I Feel It All
How My Heart Behaves
Honey Honey
Fucked Up Kid
Open Window
Brandy Alexander
Inside And Out
The Water
1 2 3 4

Sea Lion Woman
Let It Die

PS: Once again I went to a show with poor lighting. For most of the night Feist seemed to be playing in darkness. So I didn't get too many good photos, but I have a few more at Flickr.


  • At March 01, 2008 , Anonymous Sean said...

    Agreed on the crappy lighting!

  • At March 02, 2008 , Anonymous Ad said...

    Great gig reviews on your mega-week of music mate. Each of them gave me a real feel for the experience and only heightened my envy. Thanks :)

  • At March 04, 2008 , Anonymous Murdoch said...

    Great review there and it was an awesome gig. I've got vids to upload to youtube of all songs except for a couple. "I feel it all" is up and the rest will follow when I get time.


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