Feb 14, 2008

Tonight, There Will Be Blood, Tomorrow, Explosions In The Sky; I Am On An Artistic High Right Now

This is my favourite scene from There Will Be Blood. I saw it for the second time tonight. I am convinced of one thing. This film is undeniably a masterpiece, one that will be considered an American classic. Students of film will be studying this celluloid gift in 50 years time. I believe it joins that lofty line of classic American films such as Citizen Kane, The Last Picture Show, Nashville, Raging Bull, The Thin Red Line. Films that have and will stand the test of time. Films of epic scope and grandeur. Films that make you understand why you go to the cinema. I noticed that at the end of this film, Paul Thomas Anderson made a dedication to the late Robert Altman. Obviously Anderson is an admirer of the great man's work, aren't we all, and there are many Altman moments on display in this film. Conversations starting whilst another scene is still going, long shots fixed on the action instead of cutaways and close ups. A strongly written script that relies on richly drawn characters and memorable lines. I was also even more taken with Jonny Greenwood's score this time around. Shrewdly used, it hits the right spot at all times, just adding to the tension and drama inherent in the film. There Will Be Blood is truly film making of the highest order. Engrossing, exciting, moving. Essential.

Tomorrow night at the Manning Bar I see Explosions In The Sky for the first time. To say I am excited would be a massive understatement. This band has had quite a grip on me for a considerable time. Their voiceless music somehow manages to imprint a massive emotional stamp on me. Their live reputation is quite formidable, so I await Friday night with massive anticipation.

MP3: Welcome, Ghosts-Explosions In The Sky


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