Feb 22, 2008

Interpol @ Hordern Pavilion

The Hordern Pavilion sucks. Big time. When Interpol announced they were playing there, I was a little disappointed to say the least. Having seen them perform at the Metro and the Enmore Theatre, I was definitely not looking forward to a night at the barn. It's too big for a start and the flat hard floors mean that you are always struggling to see the stage properly. And I really love venues where you can feel intimate with the band, this is not one of them. To top it all off, they made me check my camera at the door. So this photo is my only memory of the night. I actually only own a Canon PowerShot S5 IS, which is a really great compact camera. Gets me nice shots and is easy to carry around. But apparently it is a "professional" camera and I was not allowed to bring it into the venue. I am totally befuddled by the whole camera and recording devices thing anyway. Who is the venue protecting? In most cases the artist could care less. I never sell my photos and even if I did, I can't see whose livelihood I am hurting. Plus there were lots of people around me taking photos that will never turn out, using their flash and generally being annoying. Go figure. Anyway, I am not a fan of this venue and seeing as most bands I like don't play there, I am probably unlikely to return.

So, was it a fun night otherwise. Yes, I had a good time. This band always puts on a tight show. Although not deviating from their recorded sound and hardly offering any stage banter, they ripped through a well chosen set. I was very happy that they chose to play songs from across their three albums, especially as I regard their latest album "Our Love to Admire" to be a fairly plodding affair with a few nondescript songs. The exceptions to this were the excellent opener "Pioneer To The Falls" and the eerie and quite beautiful "Lighthouse". But the 'oldies' had me going. Second up they roared into "Obstacle 1" and its pulsating guitar cut like a knife. This was followed by "C'mere" and "Narc", so it was most certainly a solid opening. I was really happy to hear "Hands Away", an old favourite, whilst "Evil" and "Not Even Jail" towards the end of the night were well received and deservedly so. The encore was another pleasant hark back to the first album, as all three are from that most celebrated debut. If I could give the venue some credit, the lighting was actually quite beautiful. The band were often bathed in glorious hues of blue and yellow, whilst the sound was also spot on. So even though the night started badly, I still ended up having a good time. Interpol are a thoroughly professional act, who have a superior repertoire of songs to play. That they play them with extreme skill is a credit to them. Next time though, I'm going to the Annandale.

Set List
Pioneer To The Falls
Obstacle 1
Pace Is The Trick
Say Hello To The Angels
Hands Away
No I In Threesome
Slow Hands
Rest My Chemistry
Heinrich Maneuver
Not Even Jail

Stella Was A Diver And She Was Always Down


  • At February 24, 2008 , Anonymous Amanda said...

    Yeah I agree that the venue really let them down, Wayne.
    All the way through the show I just kept thinking how much more I would be enjoying it if we had been at the Metro or Enmore.
    I couldn't see a damn thing from the floor so we ended up sitting in the crappy seats way back.
    I was also very happy that they played stuff from all albums and was a little baffled at the choices for the end of the main set. They redeemed themselves with Evil.

    As far as cameras go, the morons checking bags didn't have a clue. They asked Sean it was over 35mm. WTF? I could have been a smart arse but I held my tongue. He got his in and I didn't even bother bringing mine.

  • At February 24, 2008 , Blogger Wayne said...

    Amanda, I don't think I will be returning to the HP anytime soon. I agree, a smaller venue would have been so much better.

    Morons is definitely the correct term. They simply had no idea what constituted a 'professional' camera. Was a bad start to my night!

  • At February 25, 2008 , Anonymous Ad said...

    Cannot agree more with your thoughts on the Hordern aka The Batcave. Without that sloping floor, only the people in the first five rows get a decent sight line.

    And that camera thing is ridiculous, especially with everyone recording whole tracks on their mobile phones. What a joke.


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