Jan 28, 2008

The Week Of Magic; Or How Sydney Was Captivated By Great Music; I Dedicate This To Britt Daniel

Expectations were extremely high for the week just past. Monumentally high. Out of this world high. To my utter delight, they were exceeded, and how. If Built to Spill, Andrew Bird, Sufjan Stevens and Low were a wonderful, sublime entree, this past week was the main course. Every night I felt magic in the air. I was in awe at the musicianship placed before me and all the lucky people out in force to witness this greatness. Here are a few memories from the past week I will treasure forever and ever.

  • The truly magnificent voice of Matt Berninger.
  • Will Butler behaving like a maniac, and loving it.
  • Joanna Newsom's smile.
  • Britt Daniel owning the stage. He is THE man.
  • The Dessners destroying their guitars.
  • "Baby, We'll Be Fine" (OMG)
  • The floor shaking during Arcade Fire.
  • Britt Daniel playing his guitar, especially to the side.
  • "Jonathon Fisk" (I was shaking)
  • Matt Berninger speaking, doing anything actually.
  • "Only Skin" (Did you get chills?)
  • Regine Chassagne's smile
  • Richard Reed Parry's everything.
  • "Rebellion (Lies)" (Will we ever forget this?)
  • Bryan Devendorf drumming
  • Matt Berninger climbing into the seats
  • Win Butler climbing into the crowd
  • Joanna playing new songs
  • Britt Daniel. Just him. The man.
  • The music. All of it, glorious, stunning music.
Oh, then there is still Andrew Bird tonight.


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