Jan 30, 2008

Playground Weekender Festival

Last year I attended the very first Playground Weekender Festival and I had a wonderful time. A beautiful and unique setting only added to the music on offer. Seeing The Dears as the last day ended was one of my musical highlights of 2007. So, if you missed out last year make sure you make it this year. It is being held on the weekend of the 7-9 March at the same venue as last year. That being the delightful Del Rio River Resort on the banks of the Hawkesbury River, about 1.5 hours from Sydney. It really is a picturesque setting for a festival. Surrounded by splendid hills and trees there is ample space to just relax and chill out between musical acts. If you plan to stay there you will find plenty of options. Unfortunately the lovely cabins are sold out, but you can camp or use the caravan park on site. Plus there are some accommodation options in Wisemans Ferry. Wisemans Ferry is actually the starting point if you plan to come from Sydney. Just drive and park and wait for the ferry to take you to the Festival. Alternately there will be a coach service running from Central Station.

Now to the music. It really is an eclectic and varied lineup.
Something for everyone. Stay tuned for a second announcement soon.

Kruder and Dorfmeister
Ian Brown
Maximo Park
Ben Lee
Crazy Penis
Josh Pyke
The Wombats
Dappled Cities Fly
Blue Juice
Norman Jay
Belles Will Ring
The E.L.F.
LTJ Bukem
Kid Kenobi
The Seabellies
Ben Watt
...and many more...

Tickets are on sale here for a single day or the whole weekend.
However I have been given 2 double passes to attend the weekend by the promoter. To win one just answer the following question and email me at oceansneverlisten@gmail.com and I will have them sent out to 2 lucky winners. Hopefully these will go off straight away, so first in wins.

To any of my regular readers you probably are aware of my undying affection for Mr. Spencer Krug, so I will frame the question around him.

Name the five bands/projects that Spencer has or is involved with?


  • At February 01, 2008 , Anonymous jess said...

    I can only name four: Wolf Parade, Sunset Rubdown, Swan Lake and Frog Eyes. I have no idea about the 5th one.

    An Australian tour in 2008 following the release of Wolf Parade's new album would be terrific ... with Sunset Rubdown as support.

  • At February 01, 2008 , Anonymous jess said...

    Geez, I'm stupid - I didn't read properly and now I've given away 80% of the answer. Sorry :\

  • At February 03, 2008 , Blogger Wayne said...


    Don't worry. The fifth one is fairly obscure. I think your effort is enough to win the double pass to the festival. If you could please email your name and address to oceansneverlisten@gmail.com, I will arrange to have the promoter mail you the pass.

    I still have one more to give away, so if anyone out there can complete the answer you will win one also.


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