Jan 15, 2008

Dear Matt; A Request

Dear Matt,

You don't know me, well I am pretty sure you don't, but I have a request. Next week in Sydney I am seeing your band for the first time and I have devised a set list that would make me very happy. Having said that I would be happy with anything you decide to play, but please indulge me. I am writing to you and not Aaron, Bryce, Scott or Bryan purely because you are the singer and I thought maybe you would have a little more pull in the band. As an aside, you are playing in a Recital Hall, so I hope the management encourages standing as I really don't think I could sit through an entire set. Plus I am seeing your band twice so maybe you could play this set list and then mix it up the other night. Oh, before I forget, I have just seen Andrew Bird and Sufjan Stevens in the past week and they were pretty wonderful, so you have a lot to live up to. Just saying, you know. Well, here is my required set list, carefully ordered.

Fake Empire
Baby, We'll Be Fine
Secret Meeting
American Mary
Mistaken For Strangers
Slow Show
Apartment Story
Start A War
All The Wine
The Perfect Song
Cardinal Song
Looking For Astronauts
About Today
City Middle

Squalor Victoria
Mr November


If you feel like a third encore, it's OK by me!

Yours in music,

PS. Do you know Spencer Krug or Dan Boeckner? Could you ask them to tour, please, if you do?


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