Dec 13, 2007

Spoon ARE Playing the Annandale; FACT!

After reports and then unsureties and then "will they please announce something", it is official now. The mighty Spoon are playing the Annandale for sure. How can I be sure? Well it is on their website. January 24 at 8pm. Tickets go on sale December 20. For $40 plus booking fee. Bargain of the century I do believe. Why? Well in my opinion if Spoon are not the greatest band in the world, then they are in the discussion. I was very excited on Wednesday to purchase Arcade Fire tickets and I know their show will be one to remember, but this is even more exciting. And the Annandale is the perfect venue. Sweaty and beer stained and intimate, I can't wait. Support is provided by Little Red. Don't miss this show.


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