Nov 21, 2007

Spoon to Play Big Day Out; Now How About a Sideshow!

Spoon. Yes, Spoon. That reasonably good band from Austin, Texas have been included in the second round of announcements for the 2008 Big Day Out. Now, none of the other announcements are stoking my fire, but Spoon definitely are. This band can truly do no wrong. They just know how to write perfectly formed Rock songs that have bite and soul. And Britt Daniel's voice is a glorious thing to hear. So, all we have to do now is wait for a sideshow announcement. They are playing in Tasmania on the 26th, so that date is out. So I am predicting the 24th or 27th. As for a venue, their last two visits have seen them play the Gaelic Club and the Metro. I would think a return trip to the Metro or maybe the Enmore Theatre would be in order. So, please announce something soon. And you too, Arcade Fire.


  • At November 21, 2007 , Anonymous Karen said...

    Metro would be great, but the Enmore would be better. Although honestly, so long as they play SOMEWHERE in Sydney outside of BDO and they don't clash with Arcade Fire (GASP) then it's all okay with me.

    So exciting :)


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