Nov 11, 2007

Newtown Festival; Or How to See Your Favourite Bands For Free

Music for free. Great music for free. Has to be a great combination. In a great location on a gorgeous sunny day in Sydney. Has to be even better. Today I ventured to Camperdown Memorial Park to take in the Newtown Festival. Although it was a late start to the day, I managed to see my 2 favourite bands. Firstly Paper Scissors (with a new drummer) tore through a frenetic half hour set, once again proving this band has few peers on the live music scene. Just wished they could have played a longer set, just to hear Jai Pyne's weapon of a voice and the great rhythmic beats this band can whip up. Luckily it seemed the crowd was really into it, so hopefully they have found a few new fans. Speaking of crowds, the venue seems to have outgrown the day. Wandering around the park was quite a slow battle. There was barely an inch of bare space to enjoy the sights and sounds that festivals like these have to offer. After a bit of a wander, it was off to the main stage to see Dead Letter Chorus, who had scored the headliner status on the Main Stage. Their blend of genuine traditional rock sounds, laced with touches of country and folk seemed to go down a treat with the large crowd sitting down on the grass. Despite a little muddy sound, which sometimes seems to happen at festivals, the band showed off their trademark passion and enthusiasm, pulling out all stops to enthrall and entertain. Highlights were "Magnolia Farm" and a spirited cover of Simon and Garfunkel's "The Boxer". Cam announced that are planning to record their debut album and that it should see the light of day in the first half of 2008. They are playing at Spectrum next Saturday night. Definitely a gig to be at, although I will unfortunately miss it as I will be in Canberra. All in all, a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon and I will be for sure next year. Maybe in a bigger venue?


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