Nov 18, 2007

Good Bad Not Evil-Black Lips

Short. Sharp. Sweet. Fun. Raucous. 13 tracks of pure energy. That is the new album from Atlanta, Georgia's Black Lips. "Good Bad Not Evil" is full of the devil and rip roaring fun. With every track, bar the last, clocking at under 3 minutes, the pace is kept up through out. "O Katrina" is typical of this. Rambunctious and blaring, it speeds along with a blues stomp keeping the time. "It Feels Alright" will do the same, its unhinged freedom bursting forth and into your ears. This fun loving foursome are tumultuous and unpretentious, their influences bleeding into the tracks. Garage rock, punk, blues, hillbilly, swing and any other number of sounds. The up tempo numbers are great fun, but it is the more deliberative numbers that will stay with you. "Veni Vidi Vici" has Rolling Stones' swagger stamped all over it. "Bad Kids" is pop at its' best, whilst "Cold Hands" is an anthem waiting to happen, with its superb guitar work. The concluding track, "Transcendental Light", shows the band has a few more tricks up their sleeves. It creates an effortless sweet vibe, as it saunters through its strong melody. This album is perfectly made for lifting you up and making you move. Its' direct intentions guarantee fun. Good times.

MP3: Cold Hands-Black Lips


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