Nov 13, 2007

Best of Australian Music 2007

After a number of years of only intermittent goodness bursting out of the Australian music scene, I would have to say that 2007 was a very promising year for the future of Australian music. Also, I have seen more live music this year then ever before, probably due to this blog, and I have enjoyed and been excited by quite a few native grown acts. Thankfully the live music scene seems to be in a growth area, with many new venues opening up and older ones, like the Hopetoun (pictured above) continuing to put out great nights of music. In fact, the venerable Hopetoun in Surry Hills is my favourite place to see music. Small and intimate, full of character, I always am excited to see a band there. Now if they could only do something about the red lighting.

Yesterday Sean published his annual list of Top 25 Australian bands. It is a big task to undertake and it is always interesting to read the results. I contributed to the list and I think only 6 of my picks made it. I am still confused by the fact that Midnight Juggernauts and Cut Off Your Hands managed to fill spots 2 and 3 as these acts I find quite dull and derivative, but each to their own I guess. I thought I would post my Top 25, with extra comments, to give you an idea of how I see the Australian music scene at the moment.

1. Whitley
The Submarine is my favourite Australian album of this year. A songwriter with enormous potential, he is creating poetic music that melts my heart. Seen them 3 times this year and each show has been better then the last one.

2. The Paper Scissors
Hands down the best live band out there, rhythm section is tight as and Jai's voice is just a beast. A wonderful debut album just confirms their exciting potential.

3. The Panics
They dare to make great music and they succeed. Cruel Guards is just a wonderful album, full of texture and insight. A mature and exciting band, at the peak of their powers.

4. Dead Letter Chorus
Genuine and passionate, their debut EP is only a portent of things to come. Their live shows are a thing of beauty. A debut album in 2008 is surely something to look forward to.

5. Dappled Cities Fly
They showed the world why we love them so much.

6. New Buffalo
Delightful and angelic, a beautiful voice for all to enjoy.

7. Cuthbert and The Night Walkers
Magical and charming live, they always put a smile on my face. Debut album is exciting too.

8. Old Man River
Saw them twice this year and each time was a pleasurable experience.

9. Dirty Three
They are Dirty Three. 'nuff said.

10. The Panda Band
Their sound is rich and melodic. Saw them at the Annandale and loved them.

11. Walrus
Caught them at the Hopetoun and was blown away by their sound. Explosive!

12. Bridezilla
So young, yet so good. Like Mozart crossed with Dirty Three.

13. Painted Stones
Impressively covered a Mountain Goats song live. Extremely promising this band is.

14. Augie March
Saw them in front of a disastrous crowd at the Metro. Strong songwriting still shone through.
15. Whiskey Go Go's
For a guaranteed good time, see this band live.

16. Cloud Control
Sweet, sweet pop music. A very bright future seems assured.
17. Pivot
They manufacture sweeping soundscapes, augmented by the best drummer in Australia.

18. Laura
Layer upon layer on guitar produces heavenly results.

19. Architecture in Helsinki
More here on past reputation. New album was a severe disappointment.
20. The Waysiders
These young guys are channelling Classic Indie Rock.

21. The Mares
When they refine their sound, the sky's the limit.

22. Richard in Your Mind
The singer seems to exist in another world. But what a beautiful world it is.

23. Darren Hanlon
Saw him live for the first time recently and was charmed by his music.

24. The Seabellies
When their recorded output catches up with their live shows, look out!

25. Poly and the Statics
Saw them live once, was impressed. Need to see them again.


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