Oct 24, 2007

Emily Jane White

Allow me to introduce you to Emily Jane White. Quite simply, she sings like an angel. An angel streaked with equal parts darkness and beauty. If you listen to her voice you will become ensconsed in its glorious timbre, its unyielding stature. Emily is from San Francisco and she has honing her craft for a few years now. Collecting stories and memories, enough to fill her debut album "Dark Undercoat", which is to be released November 6 on Double Negative Records. Comparisons are always odious, but her voice bears a striking similarity to Chan Marshall. This will hopefully give you some idea of her style. And a comparison to the very fine Ms. Marshall can not be a bad thing. There is a quiet strength to "Dark Undercoat". Many of the tracks linger and swirl around your mind. Often slow paced, this lets you sink yourself slowly into many of the songs. This is never more evident on the slow burning title track or the stark "Dagger". Other stand out tracks include "The Demon" with its glorious piano and "Wild Tigers I Have Known" which has a strong emotional resonancy. There is quite simple instrumentation on this album, which lets the voice take centre stage. Ms White plays piano and guitar on each song and she has a back up of mainly bass and electric guitar with cello occasionally thrown in. "Dark Undercoat" is a fine debut album. Although there is probably not a great deal of variance between the tone of each song, they are beautifully performed and sung, indicating a bright future indeed.

MP3: Hole in the Middle
MP3: Wild Tigers I Have Known


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