Oct 23, 2007

Cotton Teeth-The Snake The Cross The Crown

" I wanna live on the stage, I wanna play the guitar, And I wanna get paid. But no responsibilities please. I wanna do what I want, And I wanna get paid." So goes the opening refrain to "Cakewalk", the stunning first track of "Cotton Teeth". It is perhaps apt, because this band does not seek glory, it instead delivers satisfaction and joy. This is the second album by The Snake The Cross The Crown, but the first I have heard. It won't be the last, because in a great year for authentic, organic music, this band does it as well as anyone. I have to say that "Cakewalk" is a superbly gorgeous opening. A plaintive cry floats over the top of gently picked banjo, before the song breaks out into quite heroic guitar jams. Thankfully the rest of the album is no letdown. This band has produced music with immense heart and substantial flavour. It is not revolutionary but it is evolutionary. The Snake The Cross The Crown are continuing that great American tradition of folk and country rock. There are ballads here, but also swinging tunes and deliciously subtle songs with tremendous artistry. The band has been honing their craft for quite a while, originating in Alabama, then California, but now (according to their MySpace) Transamerica. And you can feel it in their music. There is an expanse and breadth to their songs that generate great warmth and hope. This is best exemplified in "Gypsy Melodies", a song that Creedence Clearwater Revival would be proud of. Other highlights include the epic "Electronic Dream Plant" which features delectable piano and soaring melodies. Then there is "Behold the River", a ravishing song which is almost spiritual by nature. The vocals of Kevin Jones are very impressive too, showing tremendous range. Whilst his lyrics are not terribly intricate or complex, they are mainly stories and reflections, they definitely suit the music. So, if you are ready to move on from the latest hair cut or are sick of yet another inane remix this could be the band for you. If you desire more then a repetitive beat and are looking for songs which are rooted in the earth, then I can recommend "Cotton Teeth".

MP3: Behold the River-The Snake The Cross The Crown


  • At October 30, 2008 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    my favourite part of the lyrics:

    "And dear old sister Sue,
    What would you do,
    If the only incredible man you'd loved was gone.

    I'd sell my soul so I could give it back to him.
    I'd sell my soul so I could give it back to him."

    Im not sure it supposed to but it gives me the chills!
    I love their lyrics!

    Great post,


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