Oct 2, 2007

Arcade Fire Are Coming To Australia; Or Why I Still Won't Be Attending The BDO (In Other News, This Is Spencer's World and We Just Live In It)

Well of course by now The Big Day Out initial lineup announcement is out there for every one to see. My opinion is this. ARCADE FIRE ARE TOURING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The rest of the lineup leaves me pretty disinterested, however. First things first. It seems a "cool thing" for some people now to bash Arcade Fire. I have no idea why. I can tell you one thing, If you have seen them live you will be converted forever. Their energy, passion and sheer bravado makes them a very special band. I just hope that when they play a sideshow they will be playing at somewhere like the Metro Theatre or Enmore Theatre (nothing bigger please). This is the only place I will be seeing them, for the BDO experience I now find an uncomfortable one on so many levels. Plus I honestly think the lineup is a little lack lustre. I know Rage Against The Machine are there to sell tickets but reformations always smell bad to me and I know this appears sacrilegious but Bjork has never stoked my fire. There is an amazing amount of love for her but I just have never connected with her. Don't hate me for this, please. I guess LCD Soundsystem and Battles are cutting edge and highly praised but their music leaves me cold. I will see Billy Bragg if he does a sideshow and I can see The National maybe filling a slot now that they are touring at the same time. Ah, The National. I haven't been this excited about a band touring for a long time. In recent months "Alligator" and "Boxer" have been getting heavy duty play in my home. Please Matt, come and play at the Annandale or even the Hopetoun (a man can dream can't he).

So I could name a couple of bands that I would love to play at a BDO. How about Two Gallants (ferocious and passionate) or Akron/Family (their new album is amazing and they look great live). Then I thought, what other bands would I love to see somehow make their way down here shortly. Of course the legends themselves Built to Spill are coming in January. But who else should come. Here are a few more suggestions-
Explosions in the Sky (never seen them, they could shred my ears)
Spoon (hey, you said you were coming, how 'bout it Britt?)
Okkervil River (I know some one who is dying to see you Will)
Blitzen Trapper (hey, aren't they original and exciting?)
Animal Collective (Noah, I really need to hear Chores live, please!!!!)
Menomena (hmm, maybe a spot at Laneway would make sense)

Oh yeah- WOLF PARADE (above and beyond everyone everyone else. Why? Because this is the greatest band on the planet. See I'll Believe In Anything and die, I say)

Hmm, Wolf Parade. I think Spencer Krug is in this band. Do you realise that Random Spirit Lover is released next week? Locally, on Spunk Records. Believe me when I say this. This is music from another universe. My upcoming post on this thing of beauty could rival The Magna Carta for length. Pitchfork just gave it a very positive review. Although 8.5 seems a little low for me.
Pitchfork review
Recent interview with Spencer Krug

Some tunes to enjoy-
Winged/Wicked Things-Sunset Rubdown
General Lafayette-Ravens and Chimes
We Ask You To Ride-Wooden Shjips
My Tears Cure Cancer-Capgun Coup
Innocent Bones-Iron & Wine
The Hand That Held Me Down-Two Gallants
Wild Tigers I Have Known-Emily Jane White
Is There A Ghost-Band of Horses


  • At October 02, 2007 , Blogger Oz said...

    I doubt Arcade Fire will play the Metro. Enmore maybe but I heard Hordern (a venue which I hate with a passion because of its low stages).

  • At October 03, 2007 , Anonymous Sean said...

    I haven't 'heard' Hordern but I bet that's where a sideshow will be...maybe with LCD Soundsystem.

    I'd LOVE an Enmore show but I think they are too big for that. Fingers crossed though.

  • At October 09, 2007 , Blogger ApologiesToTheQue said...

    I don't reckon Hordern would be too bad. For bands with lots of energy I think the Hordern can actually be preferable to the Metro, I think the Metro can just feel a but too small to allow them to fully express themselves.

    Good example, though from about 10 yrs ago was Blur.


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