Oct 1, 2007

American Hearts-A.A. Bondy

Quiet discoveries are nice. To find music that is not built on hype but instead the strong resolve of great song writing. A.A. Bondy I discovered courtesy of Pop Headwound and I am very grateful. For "American Hearts" is music beating with a strong heart and fiery spirit. For those of you that desire sounds that are pin fired to the broad canvas of pure American music then I can easily recommend this beautiful slice of music. Hailing from Birmingham, Alabama Mr Bondy previously led a band I know little about named Verbena, when he went under the moniker of Scott Bondy. This album was recorded within a month in Palenville, New York in January of this year. The end product is a soulful mix of folk and country. Sad songs of despair still manage to lift your spirits due to the gentle melodies and warm and generous voice of the singer. Some tracks are quite dark, such as the opener "Killed Myself When I Was Young" and "How Will You Meet Your End?", whilst others such as "Lover's Waltz" and "Vice Rag" are deliciously uplifting. The cornerstones of the album, for me, are the title track which is so earnest it will stay with you for days and "Rapture (Sweet Rapture)" which is starkly uncompromising. This is a great new voice in American songwriting, sincere and mature there is a quiet beauty at work here.

Available for purchase from Superphonic Records.
MP3: There's A Reason
MP3: Vice Rag


  • At October 02, 2007 , Blogger James said...


    YES! Glad you are digging this record, I'm still totally in love with it - it's one of my favorites of year. Thanks for the mention/link. You continue to be one of my favorite blogs out there.



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