Sep 19, 2007

Love Is Simple-Akron/Family

Love is Simple, an interesting construct. Perhaps in its purest form it is. Presented as the music of New York's Akron/Family it leaves a compelling argument. Somehow they manage to break down all the complexities of music and leave you with some of the most joyous, uplifting (dare I say it, spiritual) music you will ever hear. Yet although their style of music harks back to a seemingly simpler form of music reliant on organic instruments and multiple vocals there are many, many layers at work here. "Love is Simple" is this band's fourth album and it is a wonderful experience. It is a great testament to the power of the voice. The vocals are superb, going from full blooded chants to delightful harmonies. The album starts and ends with "Love, Love, Love" and that is definitely the theme here. It captures the vitality and curious complexities of life, leaving you feeling content and nourished after each listen. Besides the four part harmonies which will absolutely delight you, there are a multitude of instruments at work here, creating a maelstrom of noise that is guaranteed to intrigue and astound. There are some basic songs here, like the opening and closing tracks and "Crickets" which are almost lullabyes in approach. "Phenomena" also starts in this fashion before breaking out into a full on jam. Then there are some of the epic songs like "Ed Is A Portal" and "Lake Song/New Ceremonial Music For Mums" which have multiple parts and sections, but always manage to keep your interest. This is a hard record to review, because Akron/Family have created music that is constantly surprising, shifting your perceptions. Just when you believe you have a grasp on what you think about it, another listen will give you a different impression. Right now this piece of music is astounding me with its joyous spirit and amazing variety. Highly recommended.

MP3: Ed Is A Portal
MP3: Phenomena


  • At September 24, 2007 , Anonymous Ro said...

    Agreed that Akron/Family create such intricate pieces and "Ed is a Portal" would seem to only be the beginning. It's rather difficult defining them into a genre too. "I've Got Some Friends" is also great track.


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