Sep 10, 2007

The Little Kids Love Mr Incredibubble; But The Big Kids Love The Seabellies

Sunday was spent at the Marrickville Festival. A big crowd was there to take in the tasty food on offer. I also went for the very good lineup of bands they were curated for the day. The highlight were Newcastle's The Seabellies, who played a short but exciting set. Whilst they were playing, a strange looking man called "Mr Incredibubble" was blowing huge bubbles using soap and water. This had the small children enthralled. But those of us who were listening to the music would know that The Seabellies are definitely a band to to be excited by. Whilst their songs still need development, their talent and skill is quite evident. Playing a wide variety of instruments their live show is full of passion and thrills. Plus lead singer Trent Grenell has a powerful and impressive voice.

The first set I saw was Whitley, who are quickly becoming one of my favourite Australian acts. This is the third time I have seen them and their sound is becoming bigger each time. Although a lunchtime set on a Sunday in front of small crowd is not the ideal way to show off their sound, the talent shines through none the less. Debut album "The Submarine" is out on the 15th and I am very much looking forward to giving it a good listen. I also watched Dardanelles play on the day, but despite their passion and fervour and their burgeoning reputation they failed to impress. I think their fairly basic brand of rock is not really what I can get into at the moment.


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