Sep 29, 2007

Cloud Control @ Oxford Art Factory

Last night in Sydney represented my first time at the newest venue in town. The Oxford Art Factory sits in the place of the old Central Stations Records on Oxford Street. Definitely the place to be at and the place to be seen, they have done a good job. All brick and steel and shiny surfaces, they have a separate bar area from the section where bands can play. The sound is very good, so I think it has the potential to become a good venue for live music.

Last night was a night of young local bands showing off their wares. I didn't see all of them but I saw the one I really wanted to see. Cloud Control. They hail from the Blue Mountains, but I think they came via Carnaby Street. They have that really shiny, glistening pop sound nailed down pretty well. Their songs aren't especially complicated but they have a dreamy quality with hummable choruses and tight melodies. Their singer has quite a powerful and confident voice. The other good news is that they are just about to release their debut EP. Six songs of quality, just beautiful vignettes of pop and wonder. They will be officially launching it at Chess Club (UTS Loft) on October 13.
You can find out more at their MySpace.
MP3: Buffalo Country


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