Aug 29, 2007

New Music (Well Sort Of), And Yes It Includes Sunset Rubdown

Anytime I post about Sunset Rubdown is a good time I believe. I have come to the conclusion that Spencer Krug is some sort of genius. So when "Random Spirit Lover" is released in October I implore you to buy it. It is quite definitely a masterpiece. An exquisite statement of brilliance. Jagjaguwar recently made a track available for consumption and it is a joy to behold. Having said that if you haven't heard "The Taming of the Hands That Came Back to Life" off the same album you are in for a treat and a half. It is my song of the year.
MP3: Up on Your Leopard, Upon the end of Your Feral Days

Band of Horses will release their much anticipated second album "Cease to Begin" on October 9 on Subpop. I loved their debut so this is definitely one to look forward to. The first song made available sounds pretty good to me.
MP3: Is There A Ghost?

I love Two Gallants. Their music is fiery, passionate and full of life and soul. They release their third album, self titled, on Saddle Creek on September 29. If you love harmonica this track will kill you, I am sure.
MP3: The Hand That Held Me Down

An album I picked up this year and have enjoyed immensely is "Aw Come Aw Wry", the 2005 release by Phosphorescent. Cut from the same cloth as Will Oldham, the music is essentially the project of Brooklyn based Matthew Houck. He has a new album "Pride" due out in a couple of months, his first for new label Dead Oceans. Here is a track to enjoy.
MP3: A Picture Of Our Torn Up Praise

Here is some other music you might enjoy
MP3: Leader and the Falcon-Head of Femur
MP3: No More-Dirty Projectors
MP3: Art Isn't Real (City of Sin)-Deer Tick
MP3: To the Dogs or Whoever-Josh Ritter
MP3: Myriad Harbour-The New Pornographers
MP3: Seahorse-Devendra Banhart
MP3: Fireworks-Animal Collective
MP3: Vice Rag- A A Bondy
MP3: Apocalyptic Owl-Manatella
MP3: Sailing to Byzantium-Liars


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