Jul 9, 2007

Wild Mountain Nation-Blitzen Trapper

Exciting. Strange. Original. Eclectic. Unclassifiable. All these words,and then some, could be used to describe the new release for Portland, Oregon's Blitzen Trapper. Just their name itself conjures up exciting images and a sense of the unknown. Ladies and gentlemen this is a band that genre hops like there is no tomorrow. But the best part of this exciting revelation is that it never feels contrived. These are simply six young men making music that will have you grinning like a cheshire cat whilst you marvel at their inventiveness.

This exciting band, although seemingly new, have been together since 2000 and they have previously released a self titled album and "Field Rexx". Both of these are daring and exciting too and definitely worth tracking down. But "Wild Mountain Nation" could be the one to push this band to a wider audience. Recorded on a four track in their home town this superb recording has a spirit and adventure that most bands would just kill to possess. The music is country, punk, pop, rock. Umm, It's just everything and no amount of words can really do it justice. But I will try.

"Devil's A-Go-Go", the opening track is like a hurricane. All static guitar and frenetic singing it will more then likely knock you off your feet. It then leads to the title track which is all country melodies and chiming guitars, a gorgeous song that charms and delights with ease. It then leads to the short and sweet pop gem that is "Futures & Folly". 3 songs in and you are no closer to the typical Blitzen Trapper sound. Don't worry there isn't one. Just go along for the ride and let the music wash over you in waves of joy and astoundment. There is so much else to enjoy here. The raucous stomp of "Miss Spiritual Tramp", the almost psychedelic "Sci-Fi Kid", the bluegrass fun of "Wild Mtn. Jam", the lush and dreamy "Summer Town" and the headrush that is "Murder Babe". But the absolute greatness belongs to the closing two tracks "Country Caravan" and "Badger's Black Brigade". These two songs absolutely ache with country sorrow. You will swoon with the soaring melodies and humming guitars. You will then hit repeat and delve again into this delight of an album.

MP3: Wild Mountain Nation
You can buy "Wild Mountain Nation" here.
You can also purchase their first two albums at CD Baby.


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