Jul 15, 2007

Whiskey Go Go's @ Hopetoun Hotel

Whiskey Go Go's played their first headlining show in Sydney last night at the veritable Hopetoun Hotel. I can report it was a great success. I would say that this band is quite simply, enjoyable to the max. Their blend of traditional rock licks tinged with blues and folk is highly infectious and highly entertaining. Coming off the back of their debut album "Proud Tales To Them of Us" there seemed to be a certain amount of anticipation in the room and I would suspect that those in attendance walked away feeling pretty satisfied. The brainchild of the much traveled Matt Hutchinson, he has well done well to surround himself with a group of excellent musicians, especially the vigourous drumming of Michael Noonan. But it is definitely Hutchinson who holds centre stage. Dressed in stylish threads, his talent is self evident. His voice has amazing range, able to deliver a raging howl and alternately, sweet melodies. He also can destroy the guitar or go soft on the acoustic, throwing in some harmonica for good measure. The band's songs are straight forward and heartfelt, tales of hard living and hard loving. Loves lost and loves won, uncomplicated but full of life. Favourites were the thumping growl of "Boy Jewbi" and the rocking "Rodeo". In fact I think this band might enjoy some mainstream success. Their songs are made for radio and the band exudes charisma and style. Check them out if they come your way.
MP3: Rodeo


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