Jul 26, 2007

Ra Ra Riot

New York's Ra Ra Riot have just released their self titled debut EP. It is quite simply, good, very good. Six songs of joy, love and hope. Songs that are meant to make you dance and smile, they have a certain rhythm that drive each song to an ecstatic finish. I think it's the strings. Aren't strings great? But there is also the frenetic drumming, the driving guitars and the passionate vocals of Wesley Miles. People like to compare them to Arcade Fire, but I think a better comparison would be 'Stars on steroids'. There is that driving beat on every song, but each song contains that fine pop sensibility. Now of course you probably know by now of the tragic loss of their drummer John Pike back in June. But as their website would attest to they have a slew of live dates coming up, so they are playing on despite the tragedy. I believe the centrepiece of the EP is "Dying is Fine", a huge slab of a song that gyrates and grinds. "Everest" and "Can You Tell" are short and sweet, whilst the closer "Ghost Under Rocks" (probably the heaviest track) has really gotten under my skin. This is a very talented young band who have done a fine job with their first recording. Their live reputation is one of energy and enthusiasm, so hopefully a tour to these parts is not too far away.

You can purchase the EP here.
MP3: Each Year
MP3: Dying is Fine


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