Jul 17, 2007

The Paper Scissors Debut Album; Plus Links, Links and Exciting News

"Less Talk More Paper Scissors" is the debut album from Sydney's very own The Paper Scissors. It will be released on August 18 and as this band is easily one of the most exciting local acts going around I am very excited to hear their first full length release. After receiving much praise for their debut EP and the single "Yamanote Line" I am sure this album will be one to look forward to.

Track Listing
1- Yamanote Line - MP3
2-Oxygen Accident
3-Still Small
4-We Don't Walk
5-Picture 'N See
7-Restless Through The Night
8-Tipped Hat
9-Bomb Package
11-The Bandit

"Random Spirit Lover", the second album from Sunset Rubdown is due in early October on Jagjaguwar. To say I am wildly excited by this release would be a mild understatement.
Here are two very recent articles with news and an interview.

Billboard spoke to Spencer about the new album and Wolf Parade as well-
"Each song was treated as its own piece of art and worked on carefully, considerately, in an attempt to let it reach its full potential," Krug says. "Doing it one track at a time, in order, allowed us to watch the record unfold as we recorded it, and record each song in accordance with how it would compliment the one that came before it, and what was coming next."

Filter Magazine has listened to an advance copy. Holy cow, some people are so lucky. The writer's first impression-
In Sunset Rubdown's most recent outing, one can imagine Wolf Parade's Spencer Krug grabbing a lyre and leading a fanciful, um, parade of children down to the waterside to drink fairy dust and liquid gumdrops. Even more fleshed out and fully-realized than 2006's stellar sophomore album Shut Up I Am Dreaming, the four-piece has hit their stride with this almost hour-long collection of otherworldly, spirited tales. PURE MAGIC.

eMusic has a piece where Spoon's Britt Daniel gives a thorough collection of thoughts on their stunning new album "Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga".

Everyday, without question I check in with Passion of the Weiss. His writing is erudite, funny and informative. Recently he posted an hilarious piece about the "death" of a hipster at the Pitchfork Music Festival. I love this line "It's just so sad that Harrison didn't get to see Deerhunter. I think he would've really loved those kids. There was nothing Harrison enjoyed more than a band making music that really challenged the notions of what it it means to make avant-garde music for art-school kids with trust funds, music critics and avant-garde art-school kids with trust funds who write online music criticism." You can read it here.

Besides the afore mentioned here are a few blogs (besides the extremely obvious ones) I love to check every single day-
Pop Headwound
Nerd Litter
Vague Space
The Rawking Refuses To Stop
Everybody Cares, Everybody Understands
Untitled Records
Can You See The Sunset From The Southside?

Some Tunes To Enjoy-
I Saw The Bright Shinies-The Octopus Project
Daemon Meeting-Old Time Relijun
Thankless Marriage-Spokane
White Dove-John Vanderslice


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