Jul 14, 2007

Bowerbirds: In Quietness There is Sheer Beauty

Horses. Hooves. Talons. Dark Horses. Hands. Oak. Images and more taken from the just released debut album from Bowerbirds. Named "Hymns For A Dark Horse" it is a serene journey into the rustic territories of North Carolina, the place Bowerbirds call home. The band numbers only 3, Phil Moore, Mark Paulson and Beth Tacular (an accomplished artist). But in this, their debut effort they have crafted a delightful and thoughtful collection of acoustic gems. This is sparse and beautiful music, made to soothe not shake you. It is delicate, with nary a loud guitar anywhere in sight. There is acoustic guitar, backed by drums and violin and the occasional double bass and banjo. Phil Moore handles most of the vocal duties and his lilting, gorgeous voice bears an uncanny resemblance to Elvis Perkins. This I like, considering Mr Perkins to be a wonderful personal discovery for me this year. Beth Tacular also adds her excellent vocals to several of the tracks. Favourite songs are the heartfelt "In Our Talons", the gorgeous "Bur Oak", the sparse "The Marlbed Godwit" and the stunning darkly folk like "The Ticonderoga". All in all this is a piece of music to accompany you late at night. It is tender music, touching and honest. Pure as the driven snow.

Best place to purchase "Hymns For A Dark Horse" is at Burly Time Records.
Stereogum has an excellent interview with the band.
MP3: In Our Talons
MP3: Dark Horse


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