Jun 29, 2007

Whiskey Go Go's, British India; Plus A Smorgasbord of New Tunes

This is doing my heart good. Listening to Whiskey Go Go's debut album "Proud Tales To Them Of Us" is putting a smile on my face. It is good time music with heart and soul and passion. They are probably sick of the comparison but the similarities to Kings Of Leon are striking. But I think that is a good thing. Some of these songs growl and rumble, some delight and many flat out rock.
“It’s life,” Matt says. “I sing about what I know and feel. People wear so many masks today. But I don’t want anything between the band and the audience. No shields, no masks, no restraint. I want you to touch our songs, feel the spirit.” That quote from lead singer Matt Hutchinson I think encapsulates the sound and spirit of this band. They are from Melbourne but if you close your eyes you would swear you are in Eastern Kentucky. Their blend of Southern Rock, Blues and Folk is hard to resist. Standout songs for me are "Rodeo", "True Love" and "Boy Jewbi".

They are playing at the Hopetoun Hotel on the 14th of July. I think a good night is in store.
MP3: Rodeo. More songs are at their Myspace.

Also hailing from Melbourne but in a totally different vein are British India. Their freewheeling garage rock sound is very energetic and frenetic. I imagine they would sound very good live. So in support of their just about to be released debut album "Guillotine" they are about to embark on a national tour. They hit the Annandale Hotel on August 11 which will serve as an official album launch. You can view tour dates and listen to some "Guillotine" tracks at their Myspace.
MP3: Tie Up My Hands

A variety of new music for your enjoyment-
MP3: Thermostat-Frankel
MP3: Grand Eclipse-Coyote Bones
MP3: A Placed Called La-They Shoot Horses Don't They?
MP3: Don't Go Down To Sorrow-65daysofstatic
MP3: Live In The Mess You Are-Zookeeper
MP3: Oxford-Peel
MP3: White Dove-John Vanderslice
MP3: Going Places-Montag
MP3: No More-Julie Doiron
MP3: Saturday Night-The Battles
MP3: Tbtf-Kevin Drew
MP3: Halloweenhead-Ryan Adams
MP3: The Underdog-Spoon
MP3: (I'm A) Donkey For Your Love-BOAT
MP3: Wild Mountain Nation-Blitzen Trapper


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