Jun 11, 2007

We All Have Hooks For Hands

Young, talented, unique, a breath of fresh air. That is We All Have Hooks For Hands. Hailing from the small metropolis of Sioux Falls, South Dakota this nine member collective have just released their debut album "The Pretender" on Afternoon Records. Believe me, it's good, real good. Echoing the rapturous sounds of Broken Social Scene, but with a more folk feel, there is an unbridled pure joy to their music. It's not just a reflection of their youth but also an indication of the uplifting sounds they are producing.

"How it would sound if you threw grand pianos at an orchestra pit filled with fiddlers" is how the band describe themselves on their My Space page and it seems quite apt. Their songs are grand but not bloated (the album is only barely longer then 30 minutes), happy but not silly, complicated but not confusing. The band has two drummers, violin, guitars, horns and the odd cowbell, banjo and hand clap thrown in to produce a delightful concoction which will have you singing along with joy to the addictive melodies on display. Authentic, genuine, uplifting music is coming from the minds and hearts of these inventive musicians.
MP3: Hold On, C'Mon

The home of We All Have Hooks For Hands is Minneapolis label Afternoon Records. Another record I purchased recently from the same label is "The End", the debut of Minneapolis natives Mouthful of Bees. Now this four piece aren't reinventing the wheel with their brand of melodic Indie rock. But damn it is catchy. Singer Chris Farstad has a sweet voice that drives all the compositions. Although lacking in great production values the album has a ramshackle charm, that shows once again there is absolutely nothing wrong with a well crafted pop tune.
MP3: The Now

If you like what you hear I can recommend purchasing from Afternoon Records and you will be looked after efficiently and promptly.


  • At June 11, 2007 , Anonymous Ro said...

    Was just about to blog about this band but u beat me to it wayne. I've just discovered afternoon records recently and i reckon they have a lot of big things signed up.

  • At January 25, 2010 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    This band is very impressive to see them perform live. The upbeat feeling on the album is great. This buzz of having a good time is conveyed well on stage. They are the folk version of slipknot. Pure joy is felt when these nine create their unique sound. Rachael, South Dakota.


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