Jun 4, 2007

Silversun Pickups to Tour?????

I read today that Snow Patrol are touring Australia again in September courtesy of Frontier Touring Co. Well that news is of no interest to me as this band's brand of rock has all the texture of cardboard. But I was excited to hear that Los Angeles' very own Silversun Pickups are providing support. Their debut 2006 album "Carnavas" was very popular round my way so I am hoping very hard that the 'Pickups' will be putting on their own show/s. They have been compared to Smashing Pumpkins but I believe they are more then just derivative of that act. Their blend of stoner rock and garage pop is augmented by great melodies. Let's just hope we get to see them in their own right.

MP3: Lazy Eye


  • At June 06, 2007 , Anonymous geoff said...

    am banking on an appearance at the gaelic or even the annandale. that would be truly grand!


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