May 18, 2007

Sunset Rubdown + Jagjaguwar = Bliss

This is a community service announcement. In a marriage of perfect proportions Sunset Rubdown has signed with Jagjaguwar. My favourite artist (Spencer Krug for those wondering) and the best Indie label in the world. "Random Spirit Lover" is the title of the album due to be released in October which you can read about here. If you don't own 2006's "Shut Up I Am Dreaming" shame on you. It is music of another world. Well after hearing a few new songs through recent live performances this new record has the potential to be off the charts.
The thing that amazes me about Spencer Krug is where does he find the time to write and perform all this music. Between Wolf Parade, Swan Lake, Frog Eyes and Sunset Rubdown he never rests. Seriously he makes all other musicians look bone lazy. Also I truly believe Mr Krug is well on his way to establishing himself to being the preeminent talent of his generation. If you don't believe me you just watch his progress.

Here is a tentative track listing for Random Spirit Lover
The Mending of the Gown
Magic vs. Midas
Up on your Leopard, Upon the End of your Feral Days
The Courtesan has Sung
Winged/Wicked Things
Colt Stands Up, Grows Horns
For the Pier (and dead shimmering)
The Taming of the Hands that Came Back to Life
Setting vs. Rising
Trumpet, Trumpet, Toot! Toot!
Child-Heart Losers

The work of the man (so far)
MP3: Stadiums and Shrines II (Sunset Rubdown)
MP3: All Fires (Swan Lake)
MP3: You are a Runner and I Am My Father's Son (Wolf Parade)
MP3: I'll Believe in Anything (Wolf Parade)
MP3: Apistat Commander (Sunset Rubdown cover of Xiu Xiu)
MP3: Burning Out Your Eyes (Sunset Rubdown, new song live, this looks to be called For the Pier on the new album)


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