May 15, 2007

Spoon, Things, Stuff and Other Stuff

It's a simple fact of life that Spoon are great. In a sane world every person would be humming their tunes all day long. Well by now you probably are aware that their new album "Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga" will drop in July on Merge Records. Well for your listening pleasure I have a new track from the album "The Ghost Of You Lingers". I think it's great, just an incessant piano with Britt's haunting vocals. A beautiful, mysterious sound.
MP3: The Ghost of You Lingers

Dead Letter Chorus are launching their debut EP at the Itty Bitty Festival this coming Saturday. I really like this band's music. Unfortunately due to circumstances beyond my control, like work, I haven't been able to catch their recent live performances. And because of a prior commitment I will have to miss the excellent lineup this weekend put on by the boys at Sandwich Club. However I have been listening to the debut single "Fred Astaire" and it is really very good.
MP3: Fred Astaire

All things Wolf Parade related are good. So I was interested to read a recent interview at Chart Attack with Dan Boeckner. Regarding a new album he stated "It will either come late 2007 or early January 2008". I know we all need our fix of Wolf Parade earlier then that but we have to be patient. Thankfully next week sees the release of his Handsome Furs' debut album "Plague Park". Trust me people it is seriously great. Full of raw emotion and aching beauty it will not disappoint anyone.
MP3: What We Had

Oh by the way, my Spencer sources tell me that Sunset Rubdown will have a new record before the year is out, "Random Spirit Lovers" is the reported title. Here is a new track caught at a recent live show-
MP3: The One That Runs In The Wild (live)
MP3: Us Ones In Between (live) (greatness indeed)

I received an email from a band I have never heard of today. Azeda Booth hail from Calgary, Canada and they have a debut EP "Mysterious Body" coming out. Their music is unique, experimental and quite different. Anyway I was struck by its beauty, have a listen.
MP3: Landscape (With Grass)

Do you love the new Feist record? I do, its languid beauty is hard to resist. I am surprised by how much I do like it as I wasn't really taken by "Let It Die". A review will come shortly but if you buy "The Reminder" it will not let you down.
MP3: The Park


  • At May 16, 2007 , Anonymous Sean said...

    The Reminder is one of my favourite albums of the year so far.

  • At May 16, 2007 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Thoughts anyone on the new Spoon album? It has leaked (majorly) in the past 24 hours...I am yet to listen, but will check back later once I have had a chance to hear it on the mp3 player as I go to sleep.

  • At May 17, 2007 , Blogger Wayne said...

    I have heard it has leaked, but I haven't listened yet. Normally I am patient about these things but new Spoon just has me super excited!

  • At May 17, 2007 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Well, I have listened to the album twice since last night - fair to say it'll be a staple in most people's Top 10 lists at end of year, without a doubt...there are some excellent songs on this album. Really looking forward to buying it when it is released.

    I pre-ordered Gimme Fiction and it came with a bonus-disc, badges, poster, etc - I hope Merge Records do something similar for this.


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