May 22, 2007

Our Life is Not a Movie or Maybe-Okkervil River; plus other news and links, or how to get things off my chest

Yes, Okkervil River are great. Their music is timeless yet modern. Ferocious yet gentle. Heartbreaking but joyful at the same time. Their new album "The Stage Names" is released on Jagjaguwar in August. Here is a taste of the record in "Our Life is Not a Movie or Maybe" which I have heard in various live forms but in recorded fashion it sounds great. The drumming and clashing guitars are great and Will Sheff's trademark passionate vocals are in full effect.
MP3: Our Life is Not a Movie or Maybe
MP3: The President's Dead (single released this year)

I think I might have mentioned that Spoon's record to be released in July "Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga" is seriously great. They have once again produced the goods. Britt Daniel's wonderful voice sits nicely on top of the band's irresistible hooks. This band can truly do no wrong.
MP3: The Ghost of You Lingers

So that's two major bands with super exciting albums due out. But the last week hasn't been too shabby. Wilco's "Sky Blue Sky" is just wonderful and this week I got my hands on The National's "Boxer" which is nearly as glorious as "Alligator" and "Plague Park" by Handsome Furs. Seriously "Plague Park" might just be the album of the year for me. Every single song packs a wallop and then some. Also I have the self titled debut by Voxtrot which I have only listened to briefly but am enjoying so far despite seeming indifference around the blogosphere.
MP3: What We Had- Handsome Furs

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah play tomorrow night at the Enmore Theatre and I am super excited. It seems like ages ago since "Some Loud Thunder" was released but at the moment it still will go down as one of my favourite releases in 2007. Naturally I love their first album, so to see these songs played live will be something that I can't wait to see.
MP3: Yankee Go Home

Blogfresh Radio is a great idea. A weekly show that you can listen to online, it features interviews with many bloggers talking about the latest music. I feel funny writing about this because I have appeared on the show four times now and it's hard to write about yourself, let alone hear your voice online. Anyway it's a great place to check out what is fresh in the music world every week.

Emotional Karaoke is an interesting site. Entirely devoted to The Mountain Goats, it tackles a song by them every day, although apparently the writer does not intend to write on every song ever penned by John Darnielle.

Check out an excellent review of Ben Gibbard's show in Austin last week by A Camera in the Crowd. His cover choices are always spot on.


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