May 11, 2007

Aria C Jalali!

I would imagine that the emails I receive about new bands and new albums is miniscule compared to the blogs with bigger readerships then myself. However I do receive my fair share and to be honest some are good, some are average and some just ain't my cup of tea. Well Aria C Jalali! is my cup of tea. This multi-instrumentalist does it all, hailing from San Francisco, he is just about to release a debut 7" EP on Filthy Little Angels Records. Blue in colour it will contain 4 songs and is due out on May 21. I recently received some promo copies of the songs and I have been impressed with what has been sailing through my ears. The music is quite melodic and has an experimental edge as well. Sort of like a rough cross between The Strokes and Grandaddy, with a side order of Phil Elvrum thrown in for good measure. His debut full length "Assorted Submarines" is in the works and I am certainly excited to hear what this exciting talent has in store.
MP3: Postmodernism
MP3: Bohemia (With a Sea)


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