Apr 10, 2007

Person Pitch-Panda Bear

Imagine you find yourself in the most idyllic place on Earth. Perhaps a crystal clear swimming pool on a perfect day adjacent to a spectacular coastline. You hover over the edge of the pool, waiting to dive in, you dive in and you find bliss. Well experiencing "Person Pitch" is similar to this experience. Panda Bear's newest creation is musical bliss. I honestly find it hard to stop playing this album. For those that don't know, Panda Bear is Noah Lennox, one of the creative forces behind the musical dynamo otherwise known as Animal Collective. His music is all beautiful melodies and the ability to create a space where you can lose yourself from any anxieties you are feeling. Noah recorded and produced his latest work in his new place of abode, Portugal, and straight from the opening track "Comfy in Nautica" you know something special is coming your way. A simple chant, the vocals just soar above a constant rhythm. "Goodness is having courage, courage to do whats right" sings the Panda. I agree. We then take a slow diversion through "Take Pills", a slow churning song which builds and builds before it leads us to epic song number one, "Bros". What can one say about this song, a 12 minute journey through pop wonderland. Panda sings "Hey man what's your problem". The problem is, this song has to end. Its been noted before, but the Brian Wilson comparisons really shine through here. All summery and delicious vocals and a delightful melody which builds and builds in intensity. About 8 minutes in, the instrumentation will have you shaking with delight. Like any Animal Collective creation there is always a track that tests the patience. Here I find it is "Im Not" which a little too drone like, but thankfully "Good Girl/Carrots" sweeps you away straight after. Splitting your brain open with a tomahawk approach its beats will lift you up and have your head spinning and then 4.30 in, the heavenly vocals float by and you can just lie back and relax and be comfortably transported to a place of serenity. A simply stunning song. Then "Search for Delicious" and "Ponytail" finish off things nicely. Two shorter songs but still little packets of sweetness. This album is truly creative and is to be applauded and enjoyed for its daring and sheer beauty. Its gladdens my heart to know that human endeavour can create something this wondrous.

Its available for purchase at Paw-Tracks or Amazon.
MP3: Comfy in Nautica
MP3: Bros


  • At April 12, 2007 , Anonymous Ro said...

    def. gonna hunt down this album, even if i have to order it in.

  • At April 16, 2007 , Anonymous Greg said...

    It's funny that you make a reference to swimming pools, Wayne, because whenever I listen to this album, I always think of a hot summer day at the local swimming pool with the ice cream truck right outside the chain link fence playing his little ice cream jingle for the kids.

    Excellent site. I especially enjoy your writing!


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