Apr 30, 2007

National Anthem of Nowhere-Apostle of Hustle

Can someone please tell me what the hell is going on in Canada? It seems to be a golden era for music of the Canuck variety. Arcade Fire, New Pornographers, Constantines, Stars, Destroyer, Do Make Say Think, etc, etc, etc. Of course the veritable genius of the Wolf Parade boys (I do believe Spencer and Dan are forbidden to write any songs that don't reek of greatness). Then you have the whole Broken Social Scene collective. When I was being transported into Nirvana at their Metro show last year one of the things I remember was being so impressed by the guitar virtuosity of Andrew Whiteman. His band Apostle of Hustle (which is completed by Julian Stone and Dean Brown) have recently released their second album "The National Anthem of Nowhere" which follows 2004's "Folkloric Feel". And it is a fine release indeed.

Now I believe Andrew Whiteman has Cuban blood in his ancestry and has spent quite some time in the Caribbean nation and you can feel the affect here. In fact two tracks "Rafaga!" and "Fast Pony for Victor Jara" are sung entirely in Spanish and give this album a really different flavour. Variety is probably the key word here. The record swings between its Cuban roots, its Canadian passages of aural assaults and moments of pop fuzziness. Other words I could use in description would be elegant, sumptuous, inspiring and delightful. The album opens with a buzz saw of a track in "My Sword Hand's Anger", which gives Mr Whiteman the opportunity to display his considerable talents with the guitar. The title track is also quite epic with its pulsating lines and drop dead middle section which echoes DMST. "Haul Away" and Cheap Like Sebastien" are other tracks that have me rocking, whilst "Justine, Beckoning" is all pop goodness. There are also other more languid songs which create an atmosphere of tranquility. There is a multitude of players on this album, including part time BSS's Evan Cranley and Lisa Lobsinger, which gives you a well rounded sound ideal for dancing around to or just good to lie back and chill out with. This will become one of my favourite releases of 2007.

You can purchase now from Arts and Crafts.
MP3: My Sword Hand's Anger
MP3: National Anthem of Nowhere


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