Mar 17, 2007

You, You're A History In Rust-Do Make Say Think

It seems that everyone has an opinion. In the music world there seem to be plenty to go around. Sometimes people are willing to offer an opinion without really considering what they are saying. When it comes to reviewing music, some people are ready to offer an opinion before they have really listened to the music. So when it comes to reviewing a new album I always wonder how long should I listen to the music before offering my opinion. You want to feel immediate so hopefully people can listen to your recommendations and perhaps buy the music. But truly I find that good music evolves over time and a journey of discovery is required to gain full appreciation. However that is perhaps not practical, so before I review a record I try to give it constant listening over a period of days before letting my views go into the world.

So having said that, at this very moment in time, "You, You're a History in Rust" is quite SPECIAL. How special will be determined in time, but the fifth album by Toronto's Do Make Say Think is their finest work yet. Following on from 2003's "Winter Hymn Country Hymn Secret Hymn" (a sumptuous record) they have raised the bar to create a dazzling, thrilling and ultimately moving piece of work. Although operating in the Post-Rock genre, their music is not brutally powerful nor is lushly ambient. Rather it pulls all the strings of music together to create joyous, almost spiritual sounds. The opening track "Bound to Be That Way" opens quietly with a slight drum effect and quiet piano, before a horn signals the beauty of DMST. Then their trademark guitar enters the picture. Their guitars have this earthy sound that vibrate and excite, always offering something new for the ear. Then the stunner "A With Living" comes. A first for them, a full lyrical song, using the fine voices of Alex Lukashevsky, Tony Dekker and Akron/Family. I can not begin to tell you how fine a piece of music this song is. A truly moving experience, it manages to encompass all the great elements of music. A song that quietly throbs at the beginning before a rhythmic guitar line beckons the vocals, you will be swept away by its beauty, voices cry out, instruments hum, it ebbs and flows perfectly, just pure bliss. While you are coming back to earth "The Universe!" will hit you like a sledgehammer. Five minutes of flailing guitars will shred your ears. And ladies and gentlemen that is just the opening 3 tracks. The rest of the album is a treat for the ears as well, "A Tender History in Rust" (tender indeed, an almost folky instrumental, with whistling and laughter), "Herstory Of Glory" (a rumbling growler that creates an effortless groove), "Executioner's Blues" (talk about throbbing guitars, this song will floor you). "You, You're A History in Rust" will feed your soul and fill your heart. Now you can't ask anymore of music than that.
MP3: A Tender History In Rust
MP3: The Universe!
Not yet available locally, but you can buy from Constellation Records.


  • At March 18, 2007 , Anonymous Sean said...

    Agreed, a great record. I can understand why some might not enjoy it as much as Landlord, but I really do love this one. And you can totally here the BSS influence on it.

  • At March 18, 2007 , Blogger Wayne said...

    Sean, I agree with the BSS influence. I should have mentioned that Ohad Benchetrit and Charles Spearin are members of both bands. Plus Julie Penner is a contributor to both as well.

  • At March 19, 2007 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

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  • At March 20, 2007 , Blogger Bill said...

    I've had this Cd on constantly in my car for the past 4 days (since I'm driving around in a rental and can't use my iPod or satellite) and although I loved it before, it really is even better than my initial impressions. I was never a huge DMST fan (I think I only own the Winter Hymn album), but I think after this effort, I've become one.

  • At March 31, 2007 , Blogger Mr. Curiosity said...

    Yep, it's 100% Awesomesauce.


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