Mar 31, 2007

Words Are Dead - Horse Feathers

"Words Are Dead" is a startlingly beautiful debut album from Justin Ringle and Peter Broderick, otherwise known as Horse Feathers. It was released late last year, but I only purchased it recently and if I were to redo my top albums list from 2006 it would sit comfortably in my top 20. Even though I appreciate the well written pop tune and atmospheric instrumental, a shot of Blues or even genius experimentation, a la Panda Bear, I find myself lately listening to predominantly the type of music that stirs the heart. Whether it be Bonnie "Prince" Billy, Wilco, Okkervil River or Songs:Ohia, the type of music that relies on heartfelt sounds and lyrics. To me this type of music transcends any trends or fashion and is the sort of music that you can return to time and time again. Well Horse Feathers make music like this. I guess you could call it modern folk. Using a variety of instruments including violin, piano, banjo and saw, this band swings from gently rhythmical folk to hush quiet mournful ballads. Justin Ringle's voice is unique, he has beautiful pitch, sometimes hitting the high notes but always inviting you into the songs with his haunting tone. Each and every song will hold your interest and they are all relatively short with only one going longer then 4 minutes. I honestly couldn't pick a favourite. But if I had I would go with "Eyes Full of Roses", a bruised, intense song that is lyrically honest and musically stark. It gives you a fair idea of the beauty this duo can create. If you desire an intense, honest experience buy "Words are Dead".

You can purchase at Lucky Madison or Amazon.
MP3: Dustbowl
MP3: Falling Through the Roof
MP3: Blood on the Snow


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