Mar 20, 2007

Essential Festival 07; or a Nice Way to spend Anzac Day; plus music making my world go round

Just announced is the 2007 Essential Music Festival to held April 25, Anzac Day, over 3 stages in Devonshire Street, Surry Hills. I missed last year's edition, but I won't be missing this renewal. A boutique festival in the truest sense, only 1000 tickets to be sold, it will run from midday to midnight, with The Gaelic Theatre being the centrepiece. The headliners are those fine party animals, Dappled Cities Fly and Gerling, but the rest of the lineup looks promising as well-
Dappled Cities Fly
Bit by Bats
Young & Restless
The Exploders
Children Collide
Old Man River
The Lovetones
Laura Imbruglia
Regular John
Belles Will Ring
I Heart Hiroshima
Pomo Mofo
The Paper Scissors
Flamingo Crash
Teenagers in Tokyo
Pig Out (nz)
Soft Tigers
Dolly Rocker Movement
The Hate Game
Theatre of Disco
Melanie Horsnell
The Seabellies
The Waysiders
Erin Marshall

Tickets are on sale March 26th.

There is a multitude of music coming into my household at the moment, hard to listen to all of it, let alone writing about it. Some of it is old, some new. I hope to review most of it in the near future. Here is what I have spinning near me at the moment-

"We Were Dead Before The Ship Even Sank"-Modest Mouse (I'm so happy, they have produced the goods again, I don't like Dashboard, but the rest makes up for it).
MP3: Parting of the Sensory

"Drums and Guns"-Low
"Armchair Apocrypha"-Andrew Bird (He's done it again)
"Raven and the White Night"- Odawas (Eerily brilliant)
"Rubber Factory"- The Black Keys (I'm catching up here, this is great)
"Psychic Love Star"- Forest Fire
"We, The Vehicles"- Maritime
"Words Are Dead"-Horse Feathers (Came out in 2006, this is heartbreaking)
MP3: Dustbowl

"The Now"-Mouthful of Bees (Intelligent free-wheeling Indie Rock)
MP3: Under the Glacier

Oh, and I have just ordered "Person Pitch" by Panda Bear from Paw Tracks because this is just sensational- MP3: Bros


  • At March 21, 2007 , Blogger Pix said...

    man we are being blessed with good festivals!

    this one should b no different.

  • At March 22, 2007 , Anonymous Grace said...

    Lolz, I wish I could go to this. Damn it.

  • At March 23, 2007 , Anonymous Ro said...

    I was just waiting for you to mention Panda Bear. His stuff is beyond great, I'm hoping I can get that album soon.

    I wont be missing this festival either!


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