Mar 23, 2007

Odawas/Eluvium; Music to Transport your Mind!

Odawas are a 3 piece rock band from Indiana. If you are conjuring thoughts in your mind what they sound like, then I will tell you that they defy all expectations. "Raven and The White Night" is very hard to categorise but it's very ethereal, experimental music, somehow like a tripped out My Morning Jacket might sound. I hadn't heard of them until a month ago, this is their second record, but when I heard "Alleluia" I knew I had to investigate. Plus they are on the wonderful Jagjaguwar label, always an excellent source of good music. "Alleluia" is quite simply a great song, almost spiritual in its nature. A song of epic force, its soaring vocals will make you swoon and the whistling just gets me every time I hear it. Then halfway through it comes to a halt, before taking off and building to an epic climax. Dreamy but forceful this song is just flat out greatness. Fortunately there is plenty to excite on the rest of the album. I could describe a typical track but honestly this album never sits still, ranging from discordant sounds to lush almost symphonic songs that feature sweeping strings, weeping guitars and heavenly vocals.
A track like "Getting To Another Plane" is almost Pink Floyd like with its soaring guitars, and I guess there is a 6O's feel to the record (note the artwork). But this creation still feels modern and it is certainly an ambitious and startling work from a very talented band. The only thing that you could quibble with is that for all the impressive sounds it won't make an emotional attachment like the music created by Arcade Fire, for example. But this beautiful piece of music will impress and move you in other ways.
Buy at Jagjaguwar
MP3: Alleluia

Eluvium is Matthew Cooper from Portland. "Copia" is his latest creation. If you desire music that is a touch ambient but on occasions can still stir the heart, then this might be for you. This is not the sort of music to spin at a party, but its definitely not background music. Its complex, beautiful and sometimes dense. Its probably the sort of music that's not for everyone, but if you take the time it will be very rewarding. The opening track "Amreik" is a great introduction. All melodic swirls it immediately gives you a feeling of serenity. Actually the whole album does, ranging from long ambient pieces ("Indoor Swimming At The Space Station") to stirring piano based pieces like "Prelude for Time Feelers" and "Radio Ballet" that will tug at the heart strings. This is lush, tranquil, serene music that will give you peace of mind but also has an emotional push sometimes not associated with this genre.
Very easy to purchase from the excellent Temporary Residence.
MP3: Prelude for Time Feelers


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